Supporting the well-being of every Canadian

Canada’s progressive energy sector is working every day to benefit Canadians from coast to coast. It’s a story all Canadians deserve to hear – and we’re proud to tell it.

Who We Are

We are a group of committed Canadian energy producers and service providers, working every day to sustain Canada’s economy while creating a sustainable future for our planet. We are proud of how we develop our resources because Canada deserves responsibly-sourced energy delivered safely across Canada, as we work towards long-term solutions for our daily energy requirements.

Why it Matters

Every Canadian benefits from responsible oil and gas development today, as we build a clean energy future.

Yet we find ourselves exporting our oil to the United States at a discount compared to world benchmark prices. We import oil from countries that do not share Canada’s rule of law or our commitment to democratic values, human rights and environmental stewardship—and we pay world prices for this oil.

We often find ourselves selling our natural gas for huge discounts, including some days for zero dollars. This hurts our economy in so many ways, including: diminishing royalty and land sale dollars and a lack of capital investment which ultimately leads to less jobs and a lower tax base.

It’s crushing to our economy to not sell our resources for world prices & it has led to massive increases in both Provincial and Federal debt that we all share an unnecessary burden in.

As a country – and as people – we pay a huge economic, environmental and ethical price so long as Canadian resource development is impeded.

What We Know to be True

Even in the most optimistic scenarios for the universal adoption of renewable energy, the world will continue to require significant amounts of oil and natural gas for the foreseeable future.

Canada’s regulated, environmentally-focused and strictly-monitored energy sector benefits the comfort, health, prosperity and overall quality of life of all Canadians.

Without access to emerging markets, a streamlined regulatory system and a competitive tax structure, Canada will continue to have a massive net loss of capital investment, jobs and economic benefits for Canadians.

Here are some other truths

What Canadian energy does:


  • Directly supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, coast to coast
  • Supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in the fields of environmental management, engineering, accounting, law, regulation, communications, safety, renewables and so much more
  • Supports businesses like hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, vehicle leasing and retail outlets whose success depends on industry activity in and around their communities
  • Contributes to the manufacturing of thousands of petroleum-based products used daily for home, auto, medical, personal care, clothing, electronics, sport and business applications – plus many more
  • On average, Canada’s oil and natural gas industry paid a total of $15 billion to federal, provincial and local governments in the form of taxes and royalties annually from 2013 to 2016
  • Serves as the country’s single largest investors in clean tech

How Canadian energy does it:


  • A highly skilled and deeply committed workforce
  • Strict environmental and safety regulations with constant monitoring
  • Strong, voluntary record of investing in technology and environmental innovation
  • Operates under one of the most robust regulatory regimes in the world

Learn more

Clean energy for tomorrow requires responsible oil and gas development today. To learn more, check out our full video:

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