Pokemon Platinum Protector

Pokemon Platinum Protector. This video shows where to find protector in pokemon platinum. Related questions if i traina rhydon to level 100 then trade with protector will it still evolve?

Ultra Pro Pokemon Platinum 4Pocket Portfolio (14 Pages) DA Card World from www.dacardworld.com

In this generation, the halving was intended to cap at a 12.5% success rate on the fourth consecutive successful use, but a bug [citation needed]. It is extremely stiff and heavy. It will be on the side that you can find next to the entrance, with a.

Related Questions If I Traina Rhydon To Level 100 Then Trade With Protector Will It Still Evolve?

Protect prevents any attacks targeted at the user from striking, for the duration of the turn. Like in generation ii, the success rates of protect, detect, and endure halve each time any of the three are used successfully and consecutively. Omega ruby and alpha sapphire:

This Item, When Attached To A Pokémon And Traded, Evolves The Following Pokémon.

It is loved by a certain pokémon. Summary pokémon renegade platinum is an enhancement hack of pokémon platinum version, similar to my other hacks such as sacred gold & storm silver and blaze black & volt white. Give the protector to rhydon and trade it to evolve to rhyperior.

The Accuracy Of Protect Decreases By 1 ⁄ 3 Each Time It Is Used Consecutively After Itself Or Detect, Endure, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Spiky Shield, King's Shield, Or Baneful Bunker.

A protector is a stiff and heavy protective item which, when held by rhydon during trading, makes it evolve into rhyperior. Couldn't find the tm list in the documentation though. Give it to i think rhydon trade and get rhyphoior.

In A Nutshell, This Hack Generally.

It is found at iron island and route 228 in the generation iv games, and route 11 in pokémon black and white. You can catch rhydon in stark mountain, route 228, route 227, and victory road. In platinum and platinum only, another can be found in iron island.

Protector Is Found On Route 228, And In Platinum You Can Also Get One In Iron Island.

The best way to find the protector is on route 228. A protective item of some sort. It is loved by a certain pokémon.

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